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The “Poochie Lip Disease”

Fear has gripped my children. Several times throughout the day they are fearful that they may catch an awful disease. I remember fearing the same disease when I was a small child. The story starts 22 years ago…

When I was in the 1st Grade, my teacher did not tolerate whining or pouting in our classroom. She was a wonderful teacher; the wife of a Baptist Pastor. I loved her and think of her often. She taught us more than just reading and math but she instilled in us morals and character.

She caught me in a lie once. I’ll never forget that. She taught me a hard lesson that day. But one of the lessons that I will NEVER forget came in the form of a song. I have held onto it for 22 years now and I am currently teaching it to my children. When Peyton or Prestley begin to whine or have a little tantrum because they did not get their way, I see this as a great opportunity to do a little character building. Just like Mrs. Herbert did to us 22 years ago, I sing them the ancient story of a whiney King named Ahab who caught “the poochie lip disease”… (taken from 1 Kings 21)

Verse 1: King Ahab went a-walking in royal garments grand and saw a lovely vineyard while gazing o’er the land. He said, “I’ve got to have it, I always get my way!” But when he could not get it he pouted all the day.

Chorus: The poochie lip will get you if you don’t watch out. The poochie lip will get you if you start to pout. So take this little tip and control that lower lip, and chase away the poochie lip disease.

Verse 2: The king went to his bedroom; he looked so sad and blue. He slammed the door behind him and loudly cried, “Boo-hoo!” He said, “Nobody loves me” and fell down on his bed, “If I can’t have that vineyard I won’t eat any bread.”

Verse 3: Now if you are a beggar or if you are a king, I’m sure you will discover, No man has everything Whenever you’re unhappy, recall this little tip- remember silly Ahab, and don’t stick out that lip.

Maybe you could teach it to your children or your Sunday school class. I found a video on YouTube to help you learn it. The video is of a church Children’s choir. It’s a little difficult to understand since the soloists are timid and one little girl goes off stage crying… hahaha! There’s nothing like a Children’s choir! Follow along with the lyrics above and enjoy!!!! This sure brings back a flood of memories for me. I hope you like it.

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4 thoughts on “The “Poochie Lip Disease”

  1. Love it. Applies to adults too :-0

  2. Jackie S Bradield on said:

    22 years…?! Noooooo! Say I’m not that old…say it!! LOL

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